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About Me

Florida is a beautiful state and District 69 reflects it. From the growing suburbs of Brandon, Bloomingdale, Fish Hawk, among others to the flowing waters of Lithia Springs and the Alafia River and the agricultural land of the South-East of Hillsborough county, we get a great snapshot of just what Florida can be.


Unfortunately, not everything is perfect. With soaring cost of living and health decisions being taken away from our citizens, Florida needs all the help that it can get. Sadly we see all too many of those in Tallahassee who are too focused on the ambitions of one man or culture wars that are meant to divide Florida’s workers from each other. It’s time we got to work.

Working on the issues that matter most

I grew up here, and I’ve come to love it for what it is, but District 69 needs somebody new. I’m a servant at heart, and I am ready to take on this challenge. I'm running for office to work for you. Learn more about my policy vision, and join me in making true progress in our local community.

I know what living in this district is like. I’ve grown up in Brandon, and we’ve seen rent jump from the several hundreds to well into the thousands range for simple housing and apartments. We’ve seen housing insurance skyrocket. We’ve seen our auto insurance skyrocket in this state. Florida boasts its low taxes to bring people in, but then we’re paying what we would for government services to for-profit companies who are ready to drop Floridians on a dime when things get too risky for them.

Cost of Living

We also see attacks on worker’s rights in Tallahassee. Taking away the county's abilities on setting required water breaks standards and fighting unions' ability to run the way that they have through payroll deductions for years are outright attacks on workers. The union dues law that removes many unions’ ability to take dues via payroll deductions was passed because one man in Tallahassee decided to throw a tantrum and fight our public sector unions. No wonder we have a shortage of workers, especially teachers, in Florida.

Worker's Rights

We need to push for greater accessibility. Not only do we need better education of Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, but we need better access to events and speeches with American Sign Language Interpreters. The Tampa Bay Area boasts a large deaf and hard of hearing community that are left behind, whether that’s in the classroom or just having basic access to their own language for government events and programs. 


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